About Us


The Issue

While Howard County is among the nation’s most economically advantaged communities, a large and growing proportion of families struggle to meet basic needs. Nearly one in five HCPSS students receives free and reduced cost meals, an indicator of poverty. More than 300 students from homeless families attend our schools. Nearly 10 percent receive special education services, and each year schools welcome more students who speak other languages and must develop their English skills.

About Bright Minds

The Bright Minds Foundation is an independent nonprofit foundation dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities for all children attending Howard County public schools. We support programs that:

  1. Address equity, equality, and access to educational offerings
  2. Promote educational innovation
  3. Support skills that serve students throughout their lives

The Bright Minds Foundation provides critical support for programs and services – benefiting students, teachers, families, and the community – that would otherwise not be available in the system’s budget.

Our Vision

We aspire to enhance the educational opportunities for all Howard County Public School System children through private support of academic initiatives and opportunities.

What We Do

How You Can Help