Bright Minds Donors

Founding Donors - $50,000 and up

Capital One Bank

Hostetler & Church, LLC 

Howard County General Hospital, A Member of Johns Hopkins Medicine 

Howard County Public School System

The Kahlert Foundation

McDonald's of Howard County

Platinum Donors - $25,000-$49,999

The Community Foundation of Howard County

Grant Capital Management 

Northrop Grumman Corporation

Gold Donors - $10,000-$24,999

Ascend One 

Booz Allen Hamilton 

Car Max Foundation

The Columbia Association

The Creig Northrop Team 



GBL Sales 

Ronald and Cynthia Gula Charitable Fund

HCPSS Employees United Way Campaign 

Horizon Foundation 

Howard Bank

Jean Moon and Associates

The Redhead Company 

Susan and Steven Porter

David Walter 

Wegmans Columbia Store

Silver Donors - $5,000-$9,999

Adfinitas Health

Biegel & Waller, LLC 



First Potomac Realty Trust

Harkins Builders

Iwanczuk and Associates

Long and Foster, Columbia - Bronze Golf Sponsor 2016, Silver Golf Sponsor 2017, Virtual Reality VIP Sponsor 2017

Maryland State Business Roundtable

Michael Barr and Teja Rau Family Foundation

Offit Kurman Attorneys at Law

Lisa Olivieri

Chuck and Lisa Oshinsky

United Way of Central Maryland Community Impact Grants

Whole Foods Columbia

Bronze Donors - $1,000-$4,999

Applied Defense Solutions - Bronze Golf Sponsor 2016

L. Earl and Mary T. Armiger Foundation Fund - Strutting with the Staff Jazz Level Sponsor 2017

Melissa Bageant

Nasser Basir

Berman Goldman and Ribakow - Bronze Golf Sponsor 2015 and 2016

Victor Broccolino 

Care First - Education and the Economy Sponsor 2016 and 2017

Carney Kelehan Bresler Bennett & Scherr - Bronze Golf Sponsor 2015 and 2016

The Chaney Foundation

Chesapeake Corporate Advisors - Bronze Golf Sponsor 2015, 2016

Dwight and Clarissa B. Evans

Citizens to Elect Clarke Ahlers

Columbia Association - Strutting with the Staff Tap Level Sponsor 2016 and 2017; Education and the Economy Sponsor 2016 and 2017

The Columbia Center for Spiritual Living

Dr. Sydney L. Cousin 

DST Systems Matching for Mike VanderVat

Far Corner, Inc. - Strutting with the Staff  Tap Level Sponsor 2015, 2016, 2017

First National Bank

First Potomac Realty Corp - Golf Silver Sponsor 2015 and Golf Bronze Sponsor 2016

Ellen Flynn-Giles

GP Strategies 

William Gray - Strutting with the Staff Tap Level Sponsor 2017

Gabriel and Melissa Feld Helicke

Kiwanis of Ellicott City

Lakeview Title Company

Vivian M. Lawyer 

Leadership Howard County Charitable Fund 

Jeffrey and Eileen Levitt

Line of Sight - Driving Student Success 2015 and 2016

Daniel Medinger - Driving Student Success 2015 and 2016

Boi Carpenter Mellady

Miller Family Foundation   

M &T Bank - Strutting with the Staff Sponsor 2015


Julie Myers

The Marketing Showcase - Beverage Cart Golf Sponsor 2015

NFM Lending - Bronze Golf Sponsor 2016

Ntiva - Bronze Golf Sponsor 2016

Owner Transitions - Bronze Golf Sponsor 2016 and 2017

Primary Residential Mortgage - Bronze Golf Sponsor 2016

PSA Financial - Bronze Golf Sponsor 2016 and 2017

Revere Bank

The Progress Family Foundation

Reach for the Stars Foundation - Strutting with the Staff Sponsor - 2015, 2016 and 2017

The Rotary Club of Columbia

Al Scolnik

Thomas Seitz

Sierra Pacific Mortgage Co.  - Silver Golf Sponsor 2017

StoneBridge Advisors

Bruce and Feli Sola-Carter 


Lonnie and Catherine Swiger

Richard Talkin

The Marvin and Marcia Thomas Fund

Thomas and Libowitz - Bronze Golf Sponsor - 2016 and 2017

Alicia and Mike VanderVat


Williamsburg Homes - Bronze Golf Sponsor - 2017


 Patrons - $100-$999


Aberdeen Ironbirds

Pamela Akers

HCPSS Board of Education

Sammy Helicke

Christopher Merdon and Michelle M

Jennine Anderson

Anne V. Barker

Leslie Barnett

Brad I. Herling

Regina Hendrix

Merkle, Inc

Valerie Beyers

Barbara Bleiler

Homewood School

Richard and Karen Hope

Brian Meshkin

James Blurton

Brian Hubbard

Diane Mikulis

Lisa J. Booth

Stacie Hunt

Mia Millette

Kennette Mitchell

Eric Nass

Paul Brown

The Integrity Team

Melinda E. Newell

Casey Burns

Iron Bridge Wine Company

Michael Iwanczuk

Maryann Novak

Katrina Burton

Valerie James

The Oakland Mills Community Association

Jeffrey Carlson

Bach and Bob Jeffrey Family Fund


Daria Carney

Helen N. Jenkins

Katherine Orlando

Deborah Cartney

Clarksville Rotary

Doris Johnson

Ricardo Johnson, Esq.

Mary K. Peitz

Susanne M. Piccinilo

Colony Title Group

Columbia Center for Spiritual Living

Brian and Lisa Jolles

Kristina Pritchard

Ripken Enterprise

Theo and Blanche Rodgers

Tien Seng Chiu

The Katyal Family

Andrea Russell

Steve and Lee Sachs

SunriseRotary of Columbia

Dr. Rashid Chotani

Lorraine E. Levitt Katz

Sun Products Corporation

John and Suzanne Colvin

Joshua Kaufman

Dr. Jerry and Mrs. Beverly White Seals

Cassandra Compton

KBE Building Corporation

Sandy Spring Insurance

Patrick J. Saunderson

John J. Connors

Anthony J. Corrao

Karen D. Keane

Mary Schiller

Randolph Sergeant

Linda M. Cook

Sherri L. Keller

Debra L. Shannon

Donna M. Culan

Molly G. Kelley

Cynthia S. Shepherd

Sandra W. Daro

Dana Kerr

Todd and Risa Snyder

Joanne Davis

Jacqueline K. Klamerus

Statistics Collaborative

Strategic Wealth Management Group

Cynthia Dillon

Lee Koch-DeWitt

Fritz and Barbara Streckewald

Tino's Restaurant

Mary Ellen Duncan

Carl and Myla Korn

Todd Yocum

Sylvia R. Vinson


Sharon R. Kramer

Jennifer Waltemire

Rebecca and Barry Fields

Caryn D. Lasser

Susan J. Webster

Ellen Flynn-Giles

Barbara Lawson

James F. Weisner

Steven Whetstone

Sandra French

Vivian Lawyer

Nancy Williams

Williamsburg Homes

William R. Fritz

Jeanne Lay

Janet Wittes

Anna M. Gannon


Randi S. Malamphy

Wells Fargo Bank

Larry and Susan Gordon

Kenneth Lundeen

Steven Yahr

Bernie Young

Cabell Greenwood

Steven J. Margolis

Dana Young

Carol Hahn

David Marker

Judith Young

Harkins Builders

The Marketing Showcase

The Julia Mattis Sales Team - Tee Sponsor 2016

Marc Young

In Memorium

Eric Nass for his daughter Elizabeth Conway Nass

Board and School System Executive Staff for John Bernard "Jack Flynn", father of Ellen Flynn Giles

Carney Kelehan Bresler Bennet and Scherr for Jack Flynn, the father of Ellen Flynn Giles

Marcia Leonard for HCPSS High School Principals for the father of Claire Hafets. Principal of Centennial HS

Howard County Board of Education for Jamila Nayab Siddiqui and Nayab Ali Siddiqui

Ellen Flynn Giles for Jamila Nayab Siddiqui